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Golden Mask is the successor of the Banditto brand, known for the fact it found the famous 2400 years old golden mask of a Thracian ruler in the Valley of the Thracian kings in central Bulgaria. This fact has given the name of the new series of metal detectors, produced by the company.

In the past decade, Golden Mask has become a very popular brand, especially in Europe and North Africa. These metal detectors are known to be very reliable, very robust and very effective for that they are engineered for - finding metal objects. The electronics are made with the best quality electronic components available to ensure the machine will have a long life, without the need to be serviced, tuned-up or repaired after it is sold. A prove for the quality of Golden Mask is the very few machines returned for servicing from thousands ones sold by year.

The analog electronics of the the Golden Mask metal detectors are their main advantage. With an analog detector one could hear very deep targets, especially if headphones are used. The deep targets produce some very low and soft sound, but these sound could be heard. In opposite, an etirely digital machine clips the weak sounds and produces no response. You lose targets.

The engineers at GM Metal Detectors continue to develop new, better models of metal detectors and search coils.

The Golden Mask brand is produced by two companies: All VLF models are produced by GM Metaldetectors Ltd., while the PI models (The Deep Hunter series) are produced by GM Electronics Ltd.

Golden Mask metal detectors